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The tradition of the parade of floats in Viareggio dates back to 1873, when some rich merchants decided to dress up in order to protest against too much tax they were forced to pay. Since then, every year this parade takes place with the aim to cancel the discontent of many people. At the end of the century, floats appeared and were built using lots of heavy material, later replaced by paper pulp molded; the height of his success was in the years 30 ' of 1900, with the paper mold. The First World War seems to destroy the Carnival in Viareggio, that instead proved to be more beautiful and magnificent. The pause war lasted six years. The event resumed in 1921 and floats paraded on two wonderful walks along the sea. In 1971 the first carnival local festival took place in Darsena, the harbour area of Viareggio. During the third millennium are expected big news floats are built, but they are also enriched with new technologies to create ever more complex movements and spectacular effects. The carnival show is accompanied by dances and masked balls that have ancient origins, long before the birth of the floats parade. In the '20s masked balls appeared: they were famous parties in which women had to wear a dress of colours fixed in advance, and men wore suits; decorations, confetti and streamers were in prefixed colours. The ideal places for this kind of festivals were as the "Prince of Piemonte", the "Royal" Hotel and the Café Chantant "Margherita" on the Promenade Margherita; just in the last one, the first masked ball started in 1932.

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